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Puppies Available: Currently, there are no puppies available.

Previous Litters: See pictures below.

Taking a puppy home is a decision that needs to be made carefully.  Cavaliers are companion dogs and as such need lots of love, care and attention.  It is important to us that every puppy is placed in a  home that can provide the right care.  Should you realize at any time that the purchase of an Old  School Cavalier puppy was not the right decision, or your circumstances changes, please contact us as  we will be happy to find a suitable home for the dog.  Feel free to call us at any time.  We are always  here to answer any of your questions and to help the puppy transition to a forever home.

As with all small dogs, teeth can be an issue.  We recommend that you start brushing your puppy’s teeth with an enzyme doggy toothpaste and brush at least 3 times per week.  Feeding your puppy a raw food diet will help prevent tartar and plaque build-up.  Encourage them to chew on a real bone as this also helps to keep their teeth healthy and gums gingivitis free.  Healthy teeth and gums will help prevent non-genetic heart issues.

The puppies will come registered from the Canadian Kennel Club, along with their pedigrees.  They will have been vet checked, micro-chipped, given their 1st vaccinations, and dewormed three times before they are sent to a forever home.  They will be well socialized and have begun their crate and litter training.  Every puppy will be sent home with a starter pack of raw dog food. All puppies come with a 1 ½ year health guarantee.  Our puppies are only sold on the basis of a non-breeding contract.*

*If you are interested in obtaining breeding rights when purchasing a puppy, please contact us.

Cookies 'n Cream- 3 weeks (Sold)

Cookies 'n Cream- 4 weeks (Sold)
Cookies n' Cream-6 weeks (Sold)
Cookies n' Cream- 7 weeks (Sold)
Meisha- 3 weeks (Sold)

Misty- 3 weeks (Sold)
Molly- 3 weeks (Sold)
 Misty, Meisha & Molly- 3 weeks 
Onyx- 3 weeks (Sold)

Onyx- 6 weeks (Sold)
Onyx- 7 weeks (Sold)
Onyx- 8 weeks (Sold)
Lady- 3 weeks (Sold)

Lady- 4 weeks (Sold)
Lady- 6 weeks (Sold)
Lady- 7 weeks (Sold)
Sap- 5 weeks (Sold)

Maple- 5 weeks (Sold)
Sugar- 5 weeks (Sold)
Taffy- 5 weeks (Sold)
Sap- 6 weeks (Sold)

Maple- 6 weeks (Sold)
Sugar- 6 weeks (Sold)
Taffy- 6 weeks (Sold)
Sap- 7 weeks (Sold)

Maple- 7 weeks (Sold)
Sugar- 7 weeks (Sold)
Taffy- 7 weeks (Sold)
Uno- 3 weeks (Sold)

Uno- 4 weeks (Sold)
Uno- 5 weeks (Sold)
Uno- 6 weeks (Sold)
Chestnut- 3 weeks (Sold)

Ash- 3 weeks (Sold)
Spruce- 3 weeks (Sold)
Aspen- 3 weeks (Sold)
Chestnut- 4 weeks (Sold)
Ash- 4 weeks (Sold)
Spruce- 4 weeks (Sold)
Aspen- 4 weeks (Sold)
Chestnut- 6 weeks (Sold)

Ash- 6 weeks (Sold)
Spruce- 6 weeks (Sold)
Aspen- 6 weeks (Sold)
Kate- 4 weeks (Sold) 
William- 4 weeks (Sold)
George- 4 weeks (Sold)
Harry- 4 weeks (Sold)
Kate- 5 weeks (Sold)
William- 5 weeks (Sold)
George- 5 weeks (sold)
Harry- 5 weeks (Sold)
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